About us

Who we are
With love and passion for beauty, the family run company Barbara Hofmann GmbH was established in 1985. Our continuous development to perfectionism of our products and the wide assortment of our cosmetic brushes and accessories, directed our business to become a worldwide requested brand. Being the essential beauty secret of every perfect make-up, we are focusing on cosmetic brushes, the Beauty Secret for your beauty! 

Our ambition
With our professional and high quality cosmetic brushes, we would like to give the possibility to everybody to innovate and create an individual new make-up. Therefore, we put all of our energy and passion into the development of our products.

Our self-conception
As a successful company, we take responsibility and support social projects. We contribute e.g. to free workshops for cancer patients by supporting the charitable society “DKMS LIFE”, or the association „Aktion Kinder im Königreich" in the near community, for needy children and adolescents.