Why is my cosmetic brush shedding?

Synthetic hair bristles are glued in the ferrule and thus firmly bonded. Cosmetic brushes made with synthetic hair generally do not lose bristles. In the case of brushes made with natural hair, however, it can happen that not all of the bristles are precisely aligned during production, and then become overlooked during assembly. If this should be the case, and your cosmetic brush is losing a bristle here and there, the shedding should stop after the second or third cleaning. Also, the use of the wrong brush cleaning soap can cause some hairs to break off, because it washes out the natural oil content of the hair.

That’s why you should always make sure to use a suitable brush cleaning soap, such as our Barbara Hofmann Brush Soap.

Why should I clean my brush regularly?

The more often you use your cosmetic brush, the greater the chance of bacteria growing in the fine bristles, especially in the case of natural hair brushes. This is quite normal and unavoidable - even if you wash your skin thoroughly each time before applying makeup. Failing to clean your brush regularly can promote the development of pimples and blemishes. The skin becomes more sensitive and irritated and loses its fresh glow.

Especially when it comes to natural hair, the selection of the soap you use becomes even more important. When you use an ordinary cleaning product, for example, you can dry out the hair's own oil content. The result: The bristles become brittle and fall out. That’s why we recommend the use of our Barbara Hofmann Brush Soap that was specially developed for cosmetic brushes. 

Natural hair bristles or synthetic bristles?

Natural hair bristles have the advantage of naturally occurring scales on the hair surface that allow powdery substances to be absorbed extremely well and applied more evenly. Regular cleaning and care is particularly important, as otherwise the natural oil content of the hair will be lost and the fine bristles will break.

Synthetic bristles, on the other hand, are very sturdy and unbreakable. Thanks to their extremely fine tips, the bristles are very soft and gentle to the skin. These are particularly suitable for liquid or oily textures, e.g. foundation or lipstick. Due to their smooth, sealed surface, the colour is not able to penetrate into the bristle and can be thoroughly washed out again.

Our synthetic bristle brushes are all vegan and dermatologically tested.